ALPHA Company 2/28th 1967

Tribute to Ralph Carrasco from his youngest sister Maria Olga Shroyer

In Memory of:

Ralph Carrasco
KIA 10-17-67
United States Army
"ALPHA" 1967
2/28th Battalion - 2/28 Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division

Raplh Carrasco - KIA - October 17, 1967 - "Alpha" 2/28th

When I was a little girl, I would always see Ralph carrying his guitar around everywhere he went.
He especially loved to be with his musical family when playing his guitar.
I truly believe my brothers Johnny made Al became such accomplished musicians directly from Ralph’s inspiration.
Ralph inspired us all and made us want to be far better people. Ralph’s melodic personality extended to more than just music. He was a wonderful son and brother to me and to my brothers and sister, Patsy.
An extremely protective big brother, his commanding presence was rarely challenged.
Ralph was truly a force to be reckoned with, here at home and as a soldier in Vietnam.
Ralph even played tremendous high school football. To this day, his classmates remember how “Bad” Ralph was at football.
Our mom is a football fan today due to Ralph’s influence. His sometimes ferocious disposition earned him the nickname “Madman” in our neighborhood.
I’m sure it served him well in Vietnam. Mike Arias says Ralph was one hell of a soldier. Thanks Mike, we appreciate and believe that!
I remember a wedding our family attended at the Abel Hall and I saw Ralph ask the prettiest bridesmaid there to dance
and I remember seeing him do the splits on the dance floor and thinking WOW! No one there could match Ralph’s magnetism.
His letters from Vietnam showed how his writing reflected his deep love and affection for his family. Due to his colorful, melodic persona,
he had an enormous number of friends here at home. It’s been almost 45 years since he died so bravely yet people still remember him and his accomplishments.
We miss him terribly but are so proud of him.
Ralph is an amazing combination of charisma and humanity, fierceness and strength with compassion and tenderness.
His best friend, Mike Arias, told me stories about how Ralph was the one soldier with the wisecrack to make everyone laugh and keep everyone’s spirits up.
Our mom, Delphina Carrasco, told me that she totally believes that about him.
Ralph would even sing in the field, Mike tells me. Ralph will always sing in our hearts.

With Love Always,
Olga, on behalf of The Carrasco Family



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