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50,000 Average job openings in Northeast Ohio

The Economy of the United States - The National Debt, Unemployment, News

  • Current Unemployment USA - After March 2014 is 6.7%

  • The March 2014 Labor Participation Rate was 63.2%

  • 1/10/14 - The December 2013 Labor Participation Rate was 62.8%

  • 9/6/13 - The August 2013 Labor Participation Rate was 63.2%, the rate is the lowest in 35 years!

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Natural Gas - The Buy of the Decade:
  • (Supply/Demand) - Massive Over-Supply/Increased Demand and Usage
    "Fracking" has brought about rapid growth in natural gas production and lower prices. However, producers are curbing productiont to tighten supplies and bring prices back up. The lower natural-gas prices has lead to increased demand as a cleaner energy source thAN coal or oil.
    - Companies involved in electricity, utilities, chemicals, steel, and aluminum are increasing their demand. - Natural gas is our country's second largest energy resource. While Natural Gas is cheap, currently less than 1% of natural gas is currently used for transportation.
    - Nuclear power not generates 20% of our electricity, but these plants are getting old and only a few nuclear plants are being built in the U.S.
    - U.S. coal plants generate more than 40% of our electricity but because of environmental reasons and economics of natural gas are so compelling, many are championing Natural Gas over coal because its cleaner and emits about 50% less carbon dioxide.
    - Wind and Solar will have a hard time competing again Natural Gas.
    - America's most profitable company, Exxon Mobil, has invented big in Natural Gas and now produces as much natural gas as it does oil.
    - Natural Gas is likely to keep expanding in transportation, powering cars, and commericial truck fleets.

  • Prics for Natural Gas Outside of U.S. are Much Higher
    Prices in the U.S. are in the $2 range, while countries outside of U.S. are around the $10 mark. The reason for this is the lack of global trading markets and difficulty of shipping natural-gas outside of the U.S. So exporting LNG makes a lot of sense. Major companies in the U.S. are ramping up to build multi-billion dollar pipelines and LNG plants that will enable mass-transportation of natural gas around the world.

    * The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently approved three LNG export terminals and is considering up to four more leading to speculation that the U.S. will become a net exporter of LNG in 2016 *

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